What People Say

  • Daniel Hetu
  • Shermaine Tilley
  • Thealzel Lee
  • Andrew Casey
  • Malcolm Kendall

There has been great wealth generation in the life science sector in Canada over the years and organizations like Accel-Rx, along with a healthy venture capital community, are playing a significant role in ensuring that the sector continues to be an important value creator for Canadians.

Daniel Hetu

Managing Director,
Lumira Capital

As a health sciences focused accelerator, Accel-Rx plays a key role in bringing technologies, entrepreneurs & investors together to enable more efficient & successful company growth and development.

Shermaine Tilley

CTI Life Sciences Fund

The establishment of Accel-Rx as the first true life sciences accelerator in Canada provides real value to the angel investor community, particularly as an accelerator with an accompanying seed matching fund opportunity.

Thealzel Lee

Founder, E-Fund (Angel Fund) Co-Manager,
VANTEC Angel Network

A central part of Canada's biotech ecosystem, Accel-Rx provides the highly-strategic & impactful foundational investment necessary for the advancement of innovation, company development, and overall growth of Canada’s biotech sector. All told, Accel-Rx is a key player in making Canada a global life sciences leader which will generate significant economic & societal benefits for the country more broadly.

Andrew Casey

President & CEO,

From my experiences as both an investor & entrepreneur, I believe Canada has long been in need of an accelerator for life sciences companies similar to those that exist for other sectors.

Malcolm Kendall

President & Chief Executive Officer,
Indel Therapeutics Inc.