What People Say

  • Dr. Jason Field
  • Ali Ardakani
  • Francois Ravenelle
  • Joe Eibl
  • Pierre Beauparlant
  • Daniel Hetu
  • Shermaine Tilley
  • Thealzel Lee
  • Andrew Casey

"Accel-Rx fills an important gap by effectively focusing on an area where it's extremely challenging for a life-science company to succeed."

Dr. Jason Field

President & CEO,
Life Sciences Ontario

"The Accel-Rx team has an impressive depth of knowledge in the health sciences sector. They have built biotech companies themselves. They know the challenges new companies face and this puts them in a solid position to understand, appreciate and enable start-ups to flourish."

Ali Ardakani


“We're pleased to join the Accel-Rx portfolio of innovative companies and are grateful for their role in securing the two lead investors and spearheading the diligence efforts. Involvement of Accel-Rx was instrumental in the success of this round and will enable Inversago to advance its program into clinical trials.”

Francois Ravenelle

CEO & Founder,

"Thanks to Accel-Rx, we've received unfiltered, honest and constructive advice from CEO round-table discussions to high-quality and insightful investor feedback on pitching and fundraising. We appreciate the networking opportunities to meet companies, entrepreneurs and investors. We've had follow up with strategic investors and value-add collaborations with other early-stage medical device companies."

Joe Eibl


“Accel-Rx goes the extra mile in organizing quality events which enable entrepreneurs like myself to connect with international leaders in the venture capital and pharmaceutical industry. Accel-Rx provides unique environments for having meaningful and personal interactions with key stakeholders who can catalyze the development of our companies.”

Pierre Beauparlant

President & CEO,
SpecificiT Pharma

There has been great wealth generation in the life science sector in Canada over the years and organizations like Accel-Rx, along with a healthy venture capital community, are playing a significant role in ensuring that the sector continues to be an important value creator for Canadians.

Daniel Hetu

Managing Director,
Lumira Capital

As a health sciences focused accelerator, Accel-Rx plays a key role in bringing technologies, entrepreneurs & investors together to enable more efficient & successful company growth and development.

Shermaine Tilley

CTI Life Sciences Fund

The establishment of Accel-Rx as the first true life sciences accelerator in Canada provides real value to the angel investor community, particularly as an accelerator with an accompanying seed matching fund opportunity.

Thealzel Lee

Founder, E-Fund (Angel Fund) Co-Manager,
VANTEC Angel Network

A central part of Canada's biotech ecosystem, Accel-Rx provides the highly-strategic & impactful foundational investment necessary for the advancement of innovation, company development, and overall growth of Canada’s biotech sector. All told, Accel-Rx is a key player in making Canada a global life sciences leader which will generate significant economic & societal benefits for the country more broadly.

Andrew Casey

President & CEO,