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SoundBite Announces the Hiring of Abder Benrabah to the position of Vice-President, Quality Engineering and Assurance

SoundBite Medical Solutions Inc. (SBMS Inc.), a Montreal-based cardiovascular (CV) medical technology company, is pleased to announce its recent hire of Abder Benrabah, an industry Quality Assurance (QA) and Regulatory Affairs (RA) leader in medical devices. Mr. Benrabah will join the SBMS team as Vice-President Quality Engineering and Assurance, to lead the quality function of SoundBite’s shockwave technology in the exciting and challenging arena of chronic total occlusions (CTOs) of the cardiovascular system.


Mr. Benrabah brings over twenty-six years of leadership experience in various fields, including medical devices. He has held various management positions in QA, RA and Continuous Improvement at CryoCath Technologies, Biorthex Inc. & PerkinElmer BioSignal.


Abder joins SBMS Inc. from Smith & Nephew Inc. where he led the regional RA and QA function in Asia-Pacific before moving into the Global Vice-President, QA role. He holds a Masters in Mechanical Engineering and a PhD in Materials Engineering from Ecole Centrale de Lyon. Mr. Benrabah also holds a Master Black Belt in Six Sigma.


“I am very excited about joining and leading the QA Team at SBMS Inc. This is a fantastic opportunity to lead a novel technology with tremendous potential in treating cardiovascular diseases” says Mr. Benrabah.


“As CEO of CryoCath Technologies, I had the opportunity to work with Abder for five years and I know how valuable he will be to SoundBite as we move towards being a quality-driven organization” says Steve Arless, Co-Founder and CEO of SBMS Inc.


SBMS Inc. initiated operations in May 2015. In just over eighteen months, the Company has grown to a Team of 23 professional engineers and entrepreneurs, advanced the technology from a university-based prototype system to an Alpha stage system designed and built under ISO design controls, and initiated human clinical trials before the end of 2016.


SBMS Inc. technology delivers high energy shockwaves through .014” and .018” guidewires into the cardiovascular system to address difficult-to-cross calcified and fibrotic CTOs. Approximately 30% to 40% of these occlusions are difficult, if not impossible, to cross, and often result in the need for bypass or amputation surgeries. The Company is currently conducting a human feasibility clinical study to treat peripheral CTOs. in Canada and in Europe.