SoundBite Announces Health Canada Approval of the SoundBite™ Crossing System – Peripheral

MONTREAL December 4, 2019 – SoundBite Medical Solutions Inc. (SBMS) is pleased to announce that it has received a Health Canada Medical Device License for the SoundBite™ Crossing System – Peripheral.


“We are pleased to have obtained our first approval in North America for the clinical use of the SoundBite™ Crossing System – Peripheral and thank the employees, clinicians, patients and other stakeholders that made this possible,” said Francis Bellido, CEO of SoundBite.  “This approval allows us to commercialize this innovative technology in its country of origin, Canada, which will also facilitate our ability to pursue approval in other countries.”


About SoundBite Medical Solutions Inc.


SoundBite Medical Solutions Inc. is developing proprietary shock wave technology to address significant unmet clinical needs in interventional vascular treatment. Through an elegant combination of hardware and software, it can, in a very controllable manner, deliver high amplitude shock wave pulses through guidewires and other interventional tools, to specifically attack highly calcified and fibrotic tissue in the vascular system, while leaving healthy, elastic arterial walls unharmed.