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Once approved, Accel-Rx works in partnership with each company to assess development gaps and determine each company’s programming needs followed by the creation of a milestone-based plan. The goal of our programs is to provide the necessary expertise, resources, training, and networking to accelerate your growth.


  • Mentoring
  • Advisors
  • Custom Plan


  • Financial resources
  • Supplier database
  • Discounted services


  • Webinars
  • Pitch sessions


  • Investor forums
  • Networking events
  • CEO Connect


Connecting to knowledge

The Accel-Rx National Mentoring Program (AMP) connects founders and CEOs of promising early-stage life science companies to professionals with deep and diverse global expertise in commercialization and business execution.


Modeled after the MIT Venture Mentoring Service, portfolio company leadership meets regularly with a select group of mentors for advice and assistance to help them through critical stages of development. Both mentors and mentees are screened prior to acceptance into the program in order to ensure optimal fit for success.


For Innovators

  • Diverse feedback from a range of perspectives
  • Targeted guidance to drive progress
  • Issue management and problem-solving in a supportive environment
  • Build network of expert knowledge connections
  • Invaluable career-long relationships
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For Mentors

  • Receive formal mentor training
  • Personal goal fulfillment through “giving back”
  • Enhance professional relationships and peer recognition through interactions with other mentors
  • Opportunity to evaluate peer-based career progress
  • Broaden knowledge of developments in other fields/technologies
  • Contribute to shaping future development of the sector
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