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The Accel-Rx Health Sciences Accelerator is a national organization focused on maximizing new health sciences company creation, and ensuring start-ups have the resources they need to enable them to stay and grow in Canada and become a new generation of strong health sciences anchor companies.

Accel-Rx will achieve this and work towards its vision of a well-anchored and vibrant Canadian health sciences industry by building on and leveraging the strengths of existing research and commercialization centres such as the existing health-related Centres of Excellence for Commercialization and Research (CECRs), and then providing the critical complementary capacity and resources to specifically support new company creation including:

  • Seed capital together with the Business Development Bank of Canada, a founding partner of Accel-Rx;
  • A new national network of entrepreneurs to drive and guide company creation;
  • Partnerships with the venture capital community to facilitate follow-on financings as well as provide early business feedback;
  • Access to and commercial input from strategic industry partners;
  • Access to business/finance/development expertise, technical capabilities and specialized infrastructure;
  • Specialized entrepreneurial training to enable young, driven individuals to become the next generation of company creators and bio-entrepreneurs;
  • Regular meetings and events to bring together investors, entrepreneurs, researchers, industry partners, and technology developers.

With these resources Accel-Rx will provide Canada with a sustainable approach to company creation; and ensure that opportunities arising from the country’s strong foundation of innovative discovery research and technology development are fully capitalized upon through the launching of a critical mass of robust companies based on exceptional innovative, pre-validated (scientifically and commercially) technologies.

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“The establishment of the first true life sciences accelerator in Canada would be a real value to the angel investor community, particularly an accelerator with an accompanying seed matching fund opportunity.”

Thealzel Lee – Founder, E-Fund (Angel Fund) Co-Manager, VANTEC Angel Network

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